Facts about the Singapore driving license

I thought I should create a post on the Singapore driving license as this blog is talking about private driving instructors and driving lessons. The Singapore driving license being the end goal for all the driving lessons is highly relevant to this blog.

So here it goes, some factors about the Singapore driving license:

1. Singapore driving license can only be obtained if people learn driving here in Singapore. This applies to Singaporeans and foreigners who have foreign driving licenses. Everyone needs to take the practical test administrated by the Singapore Traffic Police to obtain the Singapore driving license.
2. The minimum age requirement to obtain the Singapore driving license is 18 years old.
3. There are certain medical requirements to pass before one can obtain the Singapore driving license too. This pertains to the eye and body fitness conditions. This is crucial as the Singapore Traffic Police wants to ensure that everyone is fit to drive vehicles in Singapore. This is to ensure overall road safety for all road users.
4. Once people earn the Singapore driving license, it will be valid for life, except in the situation where more than 24 demerit points are given to the license holder within a 1 year period. Take note that not more than 12 demerit points must be given to the license holder within a year from the license start date. By doing so, the Singapore Traffic Police will revoke the person’s driving license.
5. There are no costs needed to maintain the driving license in Singapore. There are only costs to maintain vehicles if the driving license holder decides to own a vehicle in Singapore.
6. There are no regulations and restrictions to force driving license holders to drive vehicles on a regular interval to maintain their driving skills.
7. A Singapore driving license can be used to earn international driving license which can be used to drive abroad. This international driving license is recognized in many countries around the world. This is especially useful if you wish to conduct road trips overseas during your holidays.

Hope these 7 facts are useful for you!

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