Value adding to your driving lessons in Singapore

Learner drivers can try and make the most out of their driving lessons in Singapore. The average drivers simply turn up for driving lessons, learn, and then switch off after the lessons. Their learning process only takes place during the driving lessons. There are more things that can be done to value add to the driving lessons.

For instance, one can watch driving tutorial videos during their leisure time via the internet on sources such as YouTube. With that additional knowledge, they can test out new things learned from the videos during their actual lessons. This will speed up their learning curve. In addition, if they see driving techniques which they have practiced, their driving knowledge and skills will be reinforced. If they see anything that they do not understand, they can ask their driving instructors during the lessons for clarifications. Again, this will speed up their learning curve.

Another good thing to do is to ask your driving instructor for feedback after every lesson. He should be able to tell you the things that you did well during the lessons. Moreover, he should be able to tell you your strengths and weaknesses, and how to go about improving your weaknesses.

For private learner drivers, you can also give feedback about your instructor to the driving match up agencies like Sglearntodrive – These driving match up agencies will routinely review the performances of the private driving instructors. Their mission is to provide the market with good quality private driving instructor. Though this may not necessarily benefit the learner driver providing the feedback, it will definitely benefit the future learner drivers as it will directly affect the private driving instructors they will get in the future.

Of course, there may be other ways to value add your driving lessons in Singapore. The list above is not exhaustive. It all begins with the mindset to improve your driving journey actively.

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