Choose your private driving instructor wisely

While most private driving instructors teach well and command respect from the learner drivers, not all private driving instructors are good. In every industry, there will be some black sheep lurking around. As learner drivers, we seek for the best driving instructors to guide us. Do not settle for the mediocre instructors. Below are some factors learner drivers should consider when choosing their private driving instructors.

1. Skills
One of the top factors learner drivers need to look out for in private driving instructors is their skills. Is the private driving instructor good at driving? Is the private driving instructor good at teaching? How well have he taught other learner drivers? Be sure to answer all these questions to ascertain his skills. You will want a capable private driving instructor to teach you. If he cannot communicate or teach you well, then you should look for another driving instructor. One of the ways learner drivers can find out if the private driving instructors are skillful is by looking at the first time passing rates of learner drivers taught by the private driving instructors. The higher the passing rate, the more skillful the private driving instructors appear to be. Moreover, learner drivers can try to seek out other learner drivers who learnt from the private driving instructors and get their honest feedback. Learn from others’ experiences.

2. Personality
Is the private driving instructor outgoing and friendly? Is he co-operative and willing to impart knowledge to you? Do you feel comfortable around him? These are all human factors. Learner drivers will need to feel that they are benefiting from the driving lessons. They will need to feel that they are learning something new at each driving lesson. They will need to feel that they are improving at each driving lesson. If the private driving instructor gets irritated very easily and lashes out at learner drivers, the driving lesson will be impacted. Some learner drivers may be able to take the lashing but others may not be able to take it. Hence, it also depends on the personality suitability between the private driving instructor and the learner. Some learner drivers may be able to learn well under a certain teaching style while other learner drivers prefer a different style. It varies widely across different learner drivers. Learner drivers should be able to feel and understand this themselves after a lesson with the private driving instructor.

With good skills and suited personality, the private driving instructor is well poised to conduct great driving lessons for the learner drivers.