Finding that special private driving instructor in Singapore

Many learner drivers in Singapore do not know how to find private driving instructors in Singapore. I’m going to teach you just how to do that in this post.

Before I get started in detailing the ways to get a private driving instructor in Singapore, do note that you may have to test out different driving instructors to get the right one for you. Every person interacts and loves different types of people. You will need to choose the right one for yourself. Furthermore, please watch the video below.

Don’t you hope that you will not get lousy driving instructors like the ones shown in the comedy video? Alright, fun aside, let’s drill down on the methods to get a private driving instructor in Singapore.

Firstly, learner drivers can contact driving match up agencies like SGLEARNTODRIVE to match them up with private driving instructors. Click here to connect to SGLEARNTODRIVE – There will be no hassle for the learner drivers at all. The driving match up agencies will take care of all the work and provide the learner drivers with the private driving instructors’ contact numbers within a short period of time. Usually, the time taken is less than 2 days.

Secondly, learner drivers can also call up driving instructors themselves using the information contained inside the Traffic Police’s website. The Singapore Traffic Police publishes the private driving instructors’ contact details on their websites. However, only some instructors chose to publish their contact numbers.

As mentioned previously, even if you manage to contact and take lessons with a private driving instructor, you may want to switch to another one if you feel that he is not good enough. It is really up to your preferences. Things like this will take some time.

Some facts about the driving instructors in Singapore

The driving instructors in Singapore are split into two factions – private driving instructors and school driving instructors. It is important to know more about them so as to understand their motivations and interests in this teaching profession.

The local Singapore private driving instructors are self-employed and run their own operations and schedules. They will have to manage everything in the business ranging from marketing to operations. Their level of income is directly proportional to the number of learner drivers they are coaching. This is because they will only get paid by the learner drivers. Usually, the only viable payment mode is cash payment for the private driving lessons. Payments are usually made in cash during the actual lessons, without any need for upfront payments. Currently, all the private driving instructors in Singapore are in their 60s and 70s. This is because there were no more people entering this profession ever since the Singapore Traffic Police stopped issuing the private driving instructor license decades ago. Hence, the number of private driving instructors in Singapore has been capped since then.

On the other hand, local Singapore school driving instructors are employed personnel. They are employed under the one of the three driving centers in Singapore, which are Ubi ComfortDelgro Driving Center, Bukit Batok Driving Center, and Singapore Safety Driving Center. These school driving instructors only need to manage the operational aspect of the business. In another words, their main job scope is to provide the hands-on driving lessons to the learner drivers. Their level of income is fixed regardless of the number of learner drivers they are teaching. Approved by the Traffic Police, the driving centers can hire and train new school driving instructors to carry out the lessons.
There is one important difference between the driving lessons provided by the two types of driving instructors. Private driving lessons are always conducted by the same driving instructor and car while school driving lessons are managed by different driving instructors sitting in perhaps a different vehicle each time.