Value adding to your driving lessons in Singapore

Learner drivers can try and make the most out of their driving lessons in Singapore. The average drivers simply turn up for driving lessons, learn, and then switch off after the lessons. Their learning process only takes place during the driving lessons. There are more things that can be done to value add to the driving lessons.

For instance, one can watch driving tutorial videos during their leisure time via the internet on sources such as YouTube. With that additional knowledge, they can test out new things learned from the videos during their actual lessons. This will speed up their learning curve. In addition, if they see driving techniques which they have practiced, their driving knowledge and skills will be reinforced. If they see anything that they do not understand, they can ask their driving instructors during the lessons for clarifications. Again, this will speed up their learning curve.

Another good thing to do is to ask your driving instructor for feedback after every lesson. He should be able to tell you the things that you did well during the lessons. Moreover, he should be able to tell you your strengths and weaknesses, and how to go about improving your weaknesses.

For private learner drivers, you can also give feedback about your instructor to the driving match up agencies like Sglearntodrive – These driving match up agencies will routinely review the performances of the private driving instructors. Their mission is to provide the market with good quality private driving instructor. Though this may not necessarily benefit the learner driver providing the feedback, it will definitely benefit the future learner drivers as it will directly affect the private driving instructors they will get in the future.

Of course, there may be other ways to value add your driving lessons in Singapore. The list above is not exhaustive. It all begins with the mindset to improve your driving journey actively.

Finding that special private driving instructor in Singapore

Many learner drivers in Singapore do not know how to find private driving instructors in Singapore. I’m going to teach you just how to do that in this post.

Before I get started in detailing the ways to get a private driving instructor in Singapore, do note that you may have to test out different driving instructors to get the right one for you. Every person interacts and loves different types of people. You will need to choose the right one for yourself. Furthermore, please watch the video below.

Don’t you hope that you will not get lousy driving instructors like the ones shown in the comedy video? Alright, fun aside, let’s drill down on the methods to get a private driving instructor in Singapore.

Firstly, learner drivers can contact driving match up agencies like SGLEARNTODRIVE to match them up with private driving instructors. Click here to connect to SGLEARNTODRIVE – There will be no hassle for the learner drivers at all. The driving match up agencies will take care of all the work and provide the learner drivers with the private driving instructors’ contact numbers within a short period of time. Usually, the time taken is less than 2 days.

Secondly, learner drivers can also call up driving instructors themselves using the information contained inside the Traffic Police’s website. The Singapore Traffic Police publishes the private driving instructors’ contact details on their websites. However, only some instructors chose to publish their contact numbers.

As mentioned previously, even if you manage to contact and take lessons with a private driving instructor, you may want to switch to another one if you feel that he is not good enough. It is really up to your preferences. Things like this will take some time.

Preparation for your Singapore driving practical test

The final test before getting your Singapore driving license: Singapore driving practical test.

This is also the driving test that most people are most stressed about. No doubt, most people finds the Singapore driving practical test the most difficult test out of all. I agree completely with this. The theory tests are peanuts compared to the practical test. I would think that the practical test will get the lowest passing rate out of all the tests.

Even though the test is difficult, learner drivers can take steps to improve their chances of passing the test. It all comes down to the amount of preparation the learners take. Generally, the more preparation one takes, the higher the chances of achieving the goal.

In my opinion, I think there are 3 things learner drivers must do in order to be adequately prepared for their upcoming practical test.

driving lesson
driving lesson

1. Take the local driving lessons seriously. Treat every lesson as if they are the practical tests. When you are focused in learning and try to excel, you will be able to learn much faster. You will take more notice of your mistakes and try harder not to make them again. This is because you will realize that the same mistakes will cost you demerit points in your practical test. If you hit 20 demerit points, you will fail the practical test.

2. Rest adequately before each driving lesson and the practical test. Learner drivers must be physically and mentally prepared for the practical test. If one feels fatigue, he will be more prone to making mistakes. Fatigue will cause one to lose focus or forget some important driving techniques when the driving test. So, be sure to avoid putting yourself in this situation.

3. Run through the practical test in your mind before the actual test. I always do this for any kinds of practical test. This kind of practicing in your mind will make you recap all the techniques you will need to know and apply during the practical test. Moreover, it will increase your confidence level during the actual test. Testers can sense the test candidates’ confidence level during the test. It is very important to let them feel that you are confident in the test. Testers generally wants to pass confident people.

Facts about the Singapore driving license

I thought I should create a post on the Singapore driving license as this blog is talking about private driving instructors and driving lessons. The Singapore driving license being the end goal for all the driving lessons is highly relevant to this blog.

So here it goes, some factors about the Singapore driving license:

1. Singapore driving license can only be obtained if people learn driving here in Singapore. This applies to Singaporeans and foreigners who have foreign driving licenses. Everyone needs to take the practical test administrated by the Singapore Traffic Police to obtain the Singapore driving license.
2. The minimum age requirement to obtain the Singapore driving license is 18 years old.
3. There are certain medical requirements to pass before one can obtain the Singapore driving license too. This pertains to the eye and body fitness conditions. This is crucial as the Singapore Traffic Police wants to ensure that everyone is fit to drive vehicles in Singapore. This is to ensure overall road safety for all road users.
4. Once people earn the Singapore driving license, it will be valid for life, except in the situation where more than 24 demerit points are given to the license holder within a 1 year period. Take note that not more than 12 demerit points must be given to the license holder within a year from the license start date. By doing so, the Singapore Traffic Police will revoke the person’s driving license.
5. There are no costs needed to maintain the driving license in Singapore. There are only costs to maintain vehicles if the driving license holder decides to own a vehicle in Singapore.
6. There are no regulations and restrictions to force driving license holders to drive vehicles on a regular interval to maintain their driving skills.
7. A Singapore driving license can be used to earn international driving license which can be used to drive abroad. This international driving license is recognized in many countries around the world. This is especially useful if you wish to conduct road trips overseas during your holidays.

Hope these 7 facts are useful for you!

Choose your private driving instructor wisely

While most private driving instructors teach well and command respect from the learner drivers, not all private driving instructors are good. In every industry, there will be some black sheep lurking around. As learner drivers, we seek for the best driving instructors to guide us. Do not settle for the mediocre instructors. Below are some factors learner drivers should consider when choosing their private driving instructors.

1. Skills
One of the top factors learner drivers need to look out for in private driving instructors is their skills. Is the private driving instructor good at driving? Is the private driving instructor good at teaching? How well have he taught other learner drivers? Be sure to answer all these questions to ascertain his skills. You will want a capable private driving instructor to teach you. If he cannot communicate or teach you well, then you should look for another driving instructor. One of the ways learner drivers can find out if the private driving instructors are skillful is by looking at the first time passing rates of learner drivers taught by the private driving instructors. The higher the passing rate, the more skillful the private driving instructors appear to be. Moreover, learner drivers can try to seek out other learner drivers who learnt from the private driving instructors and get their honest feedback. Learn from others’ experiences.

2. Personality
Is the private driving instructor outgoing and friendly? Is he co-operative and willing to impart knowledge to you? Do you feel comfortable around him? These are all human factors. Learner drivers will need to feel that they are benefiting from the driving lessons. They will need to feel that they are learning something new at each driving lesson. They will need to feel that they are improving at each driving lesson. If the private driving instructor gets irritated very easily and lashes out at learner drivers, the driving lesson will be impacted. Some learner drivers may be able to take the lashing but others may not be able to take it. Hence, it also depends on the personality suitability between the private driving instructor and the learner. Some learner drivers may be able to learn well under a certain teaching style while other learner drivers prefer a different style. It varies widely across different learner drivers. Learner drivers should be able to feel and understand this themselves after a lesson with the private driving instructor.

With good skills and suited personality, the private driving instructor is well poised to conduct great driving lessons for the learner drivers.