Preparation for your Singapore driving practical test

The final test before getting your Singapore driving license: Singapore driving practical test.

This is also the driving test that most people are most stressed about. No doubt, most people finds the Singapore driving practical test the most difficult test out of all. I agree completely with this. The theory tests are peanuts compared to the practical test. I would think that the practical test will get the lowest passing rate out of all the tests.

Even though the test is difficult, learner drivers can take steps to improve their chances of passing the test. It all comes down to the amount of preparation the learners take. Generally, the more preparation one takes, the higher the chances of achieving the goal.

In my opinion, I think there are 3 things learner drivers must do in order to be adequately prepared for their upcoming practical test.

driving lesson
driving lesson

1. Take the local driving lessons seriously. Treat every lesson as if they are the practical tests. When you are focused in learning and try to excel, you will be able to learn much faster. You will take more notice of your mistakes and try harder not to make them again. This is because you will realize that the same mistakes will cost you demerit points in your practical test. If you hit 20 demerit points, you will fail the practical test.

2. Rest adequately before each driving lesson and the practical test. Learner drivers must be physically and mentally prepared for the practical test. If one feels fatigue, he will be more prone to making mistakes. Fatigue will cause one to lose focus or forget some important driving techniques when the driving test. So, be sure to avoid putting yourself in this situation.

3. Run through the practical test in your mind before the actual test. I always do this for any kinds of practical test. This kind of practicing in your mind will make you recap all the techniques you will need to know and apply during the practical test. Moreover, it will increase your confidence level during the actual test. Testers can sense the test candidates’ confidence level during the test. It is very important to let them feel that you are confident in the test. Testers generally wants to pass confident people.

Appealing reasons to engage private driving instructors in Singapore

Many learner drivers in Singapore are aware that they have a choice to take driving lessons with either private driving instructors or school driving instructors. Both alternatives are in strong demand by the learner drivers. Each alternative have their pros and cons. This post will focus on the pros of engaging private driving instructors in Singapore.

The number one reason learner drivers are engaging private driving instructors is because of its lower cost relative to engaging school driving instructors. Not only is the one-time registration fee lower, the standard lesson fee is also lower for the private driving lessons. If the learner drivers are taking many driving lessons with the driving instructor, this cost savings will be multiplied. Moreover, the private driving instructors normally do not place a floor on the number of lessons for the learner drivers. This means that the learner drivers are not obligated to take a minimum number of lessons with the private driving instructors before they are allowed to take the traffic police practical test. This is especially beneficial for the experienced drivers who had driving experience prior to attending the driving lessons. For instance, they could be people who got their driving license revoked and are taking the practical test again to earn their driving license.

The number two reason learner drivers are engaging private driving instructors is because of its flexibility and convenience. It is easy to book and cancel driving lessons with the private driving instructors. Moreover, the private driving instructors will usually place a limit on the maximum number of learner drivers they will teach at any point in time. This will result in a controlled environment where all learner drivers will be able to book lesson time slots with the instructors within reasonable time frames. The ability to book lesson time slots within 1 to 2 weeks is reasonable.

Take note that only private learner drivers are able to take driving lessons with the private driving instructors. School learner drivers (those of whom are learning from the school driving instructors) are not allowed to take driving lessons with the private driving instructors.

While learner drivers love to engage private driving instructors in Singapore, some of them do not know how to find one in Singapore. This is where driving match up agencies like Sglearntodrive ( comes into play. Sglearntodrive offers to match up learner drivers to private driving instructors in Singapore, at zero cost.